Smiles with our theatrical play in the organization “The smile of the child” in Melissia

“I spread gifts and joy! I spread gifts and joy!”, a young friend shouts wearing the King’s golden cape and crown.

Inspired by our performance he summons his “guards” – two more children wearing the guards’ capes and holding their spears- and they offered us a ballon.

On Saturday 14 June 2014 we performed our play in the community home of the organization “The smile of the child” in Melissia where the children young and old, laughed and danced with us. They even helped take down the stage-set at the end of our performance before thanking us for visiting them.

“When will you come back? you see… we too have thought of a story we can play… the Quiltmaker will get a quilt… then she will go to the King… and he will call his guards… and then all together…”, the children were telling us with glimmering eyes, as they saw us off.

We, in turn, want to thank the children and all those in charge at the community home in Melissia for their warm welcome. Indeed, we will soon meet again with new stories!

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