Our Theatrical Group

Omilos’ Theatrical Group has a long history, as it has been operating since 1980. It consists of members of Omilos who selfflesly prepare and perform chiildren’s theatrical plays and puppet shows in all kinds of facilities that care for, help and shelter children.

Its members make the costumes, the sets, the music for the plays, and they go to the where the children are, to share with them the magic of theatre and fairytales and, most importantly, the faith in the strength that children have, in their capabilities and in the fact that every difficulty can be overcome.


Our theatrical plays:

A line and a dot and a… Miracle on the spot!

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

The journey into the Universe that exists within us, through the eyes of a young child, is full of wonder, mischief, laughter… Ii was in the world of fairy tales that we all grew up, who was able to deny it? And more specifically, we all know…

The King’s Gifts

Older plays

Why does a greedy, spoiled King who only knows how to shout “I want, I want, I WAAANT”, end up spreading gifts… “The Smurfs”, “Our Class”, “Scarletos” and many other plays have given the children carefree and magical moments…

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