Klairi Lykiardopoulou

An integral part of the history of Omilos is Mrs Klairi Lykiardopoulou or simply “our Mrs Klairi”, as she was known to all. With 35 years of unconditional selfless offer to anyone who was in need, Mrs Klairi was in Omilos from the beginning of its foundation, doing a discipleship in the main circle of D. Kakalidis’ disciples and she structured bit by bit the entire field of a School on the knowledge of the Self.

So, who was Mrs Klairi?

She was a true and tireless worker of the spirit in the full sense of this phrase. Not a day went by when you wouldn’t see her in Omilos. Weekdays? Weekends? Holidays? There was not a moment when you weren’t sure that if you said “Mrs Klairi, I’m not well…”, she would immediately smile at you, talk to you, embrace you, heal you.

She was present literally in everything, every day. For anything anyone might need. At home, her telephone never stopped ringing… someone would call to thank her for the healing she had done on them and made them well, another would call to tell her their problem, writers to congratulate her for her new book…

She was a woman who was born in Athens, Greece and studied Education in Athens and the U.S.A. Her entire life, until her very last day, was dedicated to the work of Omilos, which is none other than the selfless offer to all:

  • with countless groups, discussions and personal appointments with people who needed help to overcome personal, family and other problems and wanted to get to know their self.
  • with lectures, interviews on television and the radio, aiming at helping the human being acquire a dynamic way of living, express their spiritual nature and experience the joy of life and creation in practice.
  • with the 20 books she wrote, conveying her personal experiences from her course in the discipleship of the Self. She discusses subjects concerning various sectors of life, given with tangible examples of everyday life. Excerpts from her books are included in literary anthologies and magazines. The trilogy on the role of the man, the woman and the couple has been approved for inclusion in the school libraries in Greece.
  • by being the cornerstone of the Spiritual Healing section of Omilos. With the guidance of the Master, she structured and established the entire operation of the Spiritual Healing section, performed thousands of healings on our premises or from a distance, or at the patients’ homes, and she organised the training of new healers. Countless are the thank you letters from people who were completely healed from the simplest of ailments to that considered – by some – incurable.

And all the above she didn’t do alone, but always through the function of the group. The group of the disciples who were taught by the Master and who continue the work of Omilos with the same pulsation, undiminished will and unwavering stability.

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