Chorodromena – Spiritual Healing

A person looks around and sees various forms, expressions, emotional and mental states that alternate; infinite, countless facets, all the time.

There are the various facets of animals; from the worm that crawls, to the lion that roars and the eagle that flies. But there are also all the facets of humans; the facet of the strong and the weak, of the healthy and the ill, of the frightened and the fearless; the one that is tired and the one that is active, the coward, the courageous, the selfish and the one that offers selflessly; the facet of jealousy, of one who has a problem, but also that of love, of broadening, of balance.

Facets that we all have within but some of them we are conscious of while others we are not. We express some facets consciously and others unconsciously, even through the movements of our body.

For a spiritual person every facet is a mudra. That is, a facet of the Entity that one is called upon to see within oneself, to accept and express consciously. One learns to know oneself, to see that he or she is all facets and consciously choose which of them will be expressed through one’s own personal mudra. And this is the work we do with the chorodromena.

So, chorodromena; that is, acting via dance. And how do I act?

By making continuous mudras; mudras in the flow; uplifting mudras; mudras through which I consciously direct the soul’s energies and forces to be expressed, to be diffused, to be spread.

Mudras of strength, of energy diffusion, of balance, of mind breadth and heart opening; mudras of embracing others and offering, mudras of mergence with other people, with the group, with the universe; mudras of grounding and expressing all of the above in everyday life; conscious positions that compose the only position; conscious facets that compose the only facet, that of expressing the ontological self.

I act through both internal and external action. I act as I consciously channel the uplifting of all fields, all situations, all emotions and all thoughts. I act because I am in the flow; the constant flow of the interchanging facets. I don’t get stuck, I don’t identify myself with any of them. I pass from one facet to the other simply and consciously. I harmoniously express all fields. And this harmony just grows. It grows and becomes consolidated within me, it spreads out to the group, it balances the energies and forces and becomes joy, creation, healing.

I leave the narrow boundaries of my small self. I become the group. Chorodromena are always performed as a group. Every one of us has all others inside and the group acts as one. And this brings great power.

I join the group, I attempt, I participate, I express myself. I perform the chorodromena, I engage in action, I let myself experience. And then it is revealed:

Chorodromena are a magic, ritual action; an action, above all, internal that has a direct effect.

You are in pain. You perform chorodromena and the pain goes away.

You are not well. You perform chorodromena and your mood changes. You feel even greater wellness, balance and joy.

Something is bothering you. There is a problem. You perform chorodromena and an idea, an answer, a solution presents itself.

Because, very simply, chorodromena are spiritual healing.


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