Woman: the ultimate expression of spiritual healing

Today we are celebrating Woman’s Day. A lot has been written, a lot has been said and many speeches are given every day about this. Most of them conclude with a wish for true gender equality, for selfless and daily offering towards our fellow humans and for expression of woman’s inner strength and deeper beauty, so as to advance the culture of our days.

We all think of these, we all desire them, we all wish for them. But how can they be expressed in our everyday life, so that it could be more complete, more fulfilled, so that we could just be well? And especially amidst the happenings of this era?

In my opinion, this is what is required. Someone may think “How does it matter what Hypatia, Montessori or Curie achieved? After all they are not contemporary, they lived in different times, with other customs and different ways of life; what do I have to do with them?”

This is not so. Because if these women managed to open the way, it is still open for us today. But what is the way for women to find their place in society? And I am referring to nowadays.

When I first met the poet and philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis, founder of Omilos Eksipiretiton (The Servers’ Society), who was my Master, at the first lesson I had with him he mentioned that we will not say anything new here. All is known and all has been said. The difference is that we will put them into action.

So, by extension, woman’s finding her place and remaining in it is not something we should refer to only once on a celebrating occasion. It is a position that we should firstly clarify, and then let our whole life converge to it, despite whatever ups and downs occur.

Woman, just like nature, gives birth, nurses and nurtures life, and therefore all things she commits herself to. And this is her power. I shall read you an extract from the book “The Power of the Woman” by Ms Klairi Lykiardopoulou, President of the Spiritual Centre “Omilos Eksipiretiton”, referring exactly to this.

“Great is the power of woman! Hidden in the depth of her existence, it fills up her body and vibrates her conscience, challenging her to express it, to turn it into life and creation. And as the blood flows in her veins and her senses and emotions are awakened, she feels great happiness while thoughts of love and offering come to her mind. She spontaneously opens her arms, in adoration of man, of the child, the whole world, her own self, overwhelmed by the desire for a creative life.

There are many times when this will of woman is inhibited by an opposite one. It is the times when she doesn’t like something and refuses to accept it, when some part of life causes her resistance or fear. And then suddenly her arms close again, asphyxiating her enormous power within a small human body. The passion for life suffocates, the heart freezes, senses and emotions deaden; instead of being a source of love, they become fear, sadness, tormenting ideas. The great power is inverted and becomes great weakness, bringing despair and loneliness. Then, what is woman left with? Only pain! And it is pain that once more awakens the instinct of self-preservation and forces the mind to search for the reasons that brought it about, to seek for the spark of hope that will lighten the darkness of distress and reveal the light of the soul. […]

Nature forged the female body and gave it the elements of receptivity, it was created to accept man, conceive his sperm and gestate. It personified in woman the aspect of power which embraces, nurtures and develops the small, the weak, the child. It gave the same power to the earthly sphere, which conceives, nurses and preserves all forms of life within its soil, seas and skies. […]

Mother divine is every woman in the depth of herself, even if she has not acknowledged it. And to do so, she goes through numerous friction processes, desires, theses and antitheses, which aim solely at revealing her power. This subject is unfolded in the next chapters, where specific examples of woman’s functioning are given, of her positive and negative qualities and their respective effects. These examples have been gathered through my contacts with friends and relatives, my personal life experiences as a woman and, mostly, through my conversations with members of the spiritual centre “Omilos Eksipiretiton”. Some of these examples concern simple everyday actions and others refer to the innermost needs of woman’s nature. In all cases it is clearly shown that this nature can bring essential improvements in life, when a woman gets to know it, accepts it and decides to work on expressing her power; when she believes in herself and sees that inside her hides the miracle of life, the miracle of creation.”

The Master would often say: The Woman is One. There is no beautiful or ugly woman, nor educated or illiterate, nor young or old. The woman is one. Her entity exists in all her forms.

So, more importantly, all women should acknowledge that within us this entity exists. This acknowledgment is which gives us the self-confidence of our being. In front of this great truth all ideas of woman’s inferiority collapse, even if they have risen during the past or if in some degree continue to exist even today. Especially in the last decades, institutional, political and social decisions have improved the position of women concerning educational access, participation in sociopolitical fields etc. And these have rectified the injustice and inequities of the past.

Although steps have been made, the position that she chooses for herself remains the most important one. And this position cannot originate but from deep self-awareness and should be expressed through constant offer.

Woman, through her sensitivity and the vastness of her soul, accepts within her the ideas, the persons, the facts and situations, and she regenerates and develops all of them; thus the world evolves.

In an example of everyday life, we would say that a woman, as she accepts with understanding and calmness the aspects expressed by her child, she trains it to function more integrally and supports it so that it can develop. She doesn’t expect something from it, nor does she ask for anything. She has the positioning of offering simply, naturally, without something in exchange. This very function is her power.

But if she waits her own needs to be fulfilled before she offers to others, she maintains childish features inside her that imprison her in her own demands; this happens out of ignorance of her true nature and make her feel dependent. On the contrary, giving freely is what provides her with strength and happiness.

This is the higher function that a woman is called upon to have towards all, and in this way she practices the high science that demands daily observation, method and correction. And it is non-other than the science of love.

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