Spiritual Healing in our Life

Knowing our self and learning a different way of thinking and acting in everyday life, we essentially learn to bring a flow to the things inside us and around us. To not withhold the current of life but to let it flow. For the emotions and the thoughts to flow, to balance the situations even if they seem difficult, for new ideas to come and find solutions and answers to issues that concern us, for our body to become unblocked through this flow.

We learn to see that in reality, we and the others are one and therefore to respond to the need and offer freely without asking anything in return. To improve our relationships with the others and ultimately participate more and more creatively and consciously in life.

This is Spiritual Healing in our Life. Besides, this is also the general title of the lessons we do in our groups. How to transform the difficult, the unpleasant and the rough to happiness, balance and harmony. And all this always very simply.

In particular, the Spiritual Healing Section of Omilos implements spiritual healing in our lives as a specific method through which it works to balance and harmonise the flow of energies and powers in the body, the emotions and the thoughts in reference to physical and psychological ailments in people who ask for its help. 

How does spiritual healing work?

Our body, emotions and thoughts are interconnected and affect one another. Thus, when we sometimes function by overcharging or neglecting one of them, the normal flow of the energies and powers within us is disturbed, leading to physical or psychological illnesses.

Spiritual Healing balances these energies and powers within the human being. It discharges the accumulated energy and strengthens the more weakened parts of the organism, so that an equal amount of flow can come to the body, the emotions and the thoughts.

The spiritual healer recognises the spiritual nature in everything: in themselves, in the person being healed, in the illness and its causes, and works with absolute interest and caring through the systematic training they have received and constantly develop for the health of each patient.

It is not an alternative therapy; it is the implementation of a position in life through which every person can be healed and helped. This is why it is offered completely selflessly, without any payment or obligation of any kind.

In no way does Spiritual Healing go against traditional medicine, neither does it interfere in any way with its work. The patients strictly continue any treatment and medical instructions given to them by their doctors.

The work of Spiritual Healing at Omilos Eksipiretiton has been continuously carried out every day since 1980, always selflessly and for anyone who requests it.

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