Ιn what way can there be happiness and balance in our everyday lives?
In our relationship with our self and with the others?
Can we be in the flow of life? And how will we achieve this?
In the seminars that we organise in different parts of Greece we meet all together, we rejuvenate, we rest, we relax, and – through many activities and interactive groups – we experience what spirituality in everyday life means.
Our seminars are organised at regular intervals throughout the year, with participants from Greece and abroad.

Οur 18th International Seminar! (Vrahati, Greece, 26-29/12/2019)

Οur 18th International Seminar! (Vrahati, Greece, 26-29/12/2019) One of our seminars with the largest participation came to its conclusion just a few days ago. With participants from various countries – the UK, France, Turkey and others – but also from many different parts of Greece, we all experienced together what...
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