Our celebration for the New Year 2014

Omilos was filled on Monday January 13th with members and friends who came to our celebration for the New Year.

With warm and strong words, Ms Klairi Lykiardopoulou, president of Omilos, welcomed and wished everyone a good year. She also encouraged us all to continue always working on self-knowledge with faith to our entity, will and love.

Then the Head of Omilos spoke pointing out that Omilos in its 34th year of operation has never stopped creating and giving birth to new fields continually. He said that this work continues and evolves through the younger members too with guidance from the older ones. Besides, how could it be otherwise, since what we learn from Omilos’ teaching is not to be afraid of life, but to enter dynamically and consciously to it, to improve it constantly and make things go well.

A video demonstrating our work and activities over the passing year brought to life again moments of offer and creation.

The video was followed by the cutting of the new year cake and an appearance from Santa Claus with his assistant offering presents to the children, bringing laughter and joy to everyone.

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