2019 New Year’s Celebration in Omilos!

“…Life is a constant miracle and we have to learn to live it, we have to learn to experience it. But how will we learn this? Very simply through consistency, by remaining firm in our belief in the capability of the human being, believing in the extent of the human being, of the human spirit, and believing that all can be done if we remain firm in this…”

With this message for the year that has just begun, the President of Omilos welcomed everyone that attended our celebration for the New Year 2019 and gave the fundamental tone for our thoughts and actions for this year.

The Miracle of every moment it is then!

Something that we were able to experience at our celebration with every ringing of the doorbell announcing the arrival of another new friend, with every sharing of a good discussion, of a dish prepared with care, of a new idea that is transformed into a goal and constitutes part of a common, essential, panhuman vision.

Everyone was here! Our members and our friends filled the building of Omilos in good spirits, people who have asked for our help with Spiritual Healing, as well as our esteemed litterateurs, who consistently celebrate with us every year.

But also our little miracles who welcomed Santa Claus with his best helper, full of enthusiasm for the joy that they gave out to them.

It is worth while mentioning also the video that was shown with the actions of Omilos during the year that passed, which rendered our continually expanding work with absolute liveliness and thoroughness.

Because when there is the Group that supports the work through a firm stance and with their actions, the Miracle of every moment is created, experienced and spread out… that simply, everywhere.

Happy New Year to everyone! Power, Love and Light for the new year!

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