Our theatrical group carries on presenting theatrical plays!

Our theatrical group unceasingly carries on presenting its performances in hospitals, shelters and institutions for children, a work which has been carried out since 1980.

We prepare all costumes, scenery, music, we rehearse each play with the aim to visit children who do not have many opportunities to go to the theater, and present to them a complete theatrical performance always of course selflessly.

We enter with them the world of fairytales, we play with them, we have fun always with the inner stance that there are no dead ends and that the constant miracle of life is there for us to discover!

Our new play is exactly about that: the miracle of everyday life from the everyday things that might seem minor to the universe itself. But especially the miracle that lies within every child, every person and that its up to us to acknowledge and express it!

We have already done our premier in Omilos, and we have played in:

  • the Children’s Hospital of Athens
  • the Smile of the Child (House of Melissa)
  • the municipality of Athens

Whilst we have more planned performances:

  • 24/3 The Smile of the Child (House of Peristeri)
  • 31/3 Children’s Hospital of Penteli
  • 14/4 Smile of the Child (House of Moshato)
  • 21/4 Municipality of Athens
And a lot of invitations from new places to visit!

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