“The way of Union” – Our 16th International Seminar at Loutra Ipatis (29 Dec 17 – 01 Jan 18)

“The spiritual people go beyond their ego and separateness and they broaden, they acknowledge that they are all other people. They are happy for what others achieve and accomplish, because what they see is the group and not their separate selves. And the more they realize this, the stronger their inner position becomes and the more they experience inner freedom and happiness. So, things are simple. Stability in the spiritual path. Union with everything. Real experience of inner freedom and real experience of inner, profound joy. Because this is what our soul truly asks for.”

Abstract of the speech by the President of Omilos Eksipiretiton

Through the seminars’ scheduled groups and activities but also in the things that might seem simple, such as a meal, a walk in nature, a discussion, the New Year’s Eve celebration, we spend three days as a group, all together, where we saw in action and experienced the union with others and the joy stemming from the experience of every moment.

Let us allow the participants themselves to share their feedback:

“What impressed me the most is that besides the scheduled group meetings, I saw a greater group that constantly functions… Besides the discussions here in the seminar room, I also saw the same spiritual conversations during entertainment, walks, dinner, private discussions. The seminar is not only about talking and exchanging ideas, it is also the contact outside of this room. This is what I liked the most, because this contact felt very warm. We are all common people with almost the same problems, that we bond both externally and internally and we laugh… that was what I liked the most, the warmth of the encounter outside this hall as well” Th. S., physicist

“Socrates’ quote came to me “all I know, is that I know nothing”… Each one of us adds something, we share our experiences and we have a marvelous time, in a spiritual sense, that’s what motivates me… I felt dizzy, tired, and my mind was a bit blurred; the meditation changed my whole state…. even though we realize that meditation is good for us, we don’t practice it often and this seminar reminded me of that and this was very important” Ν. Ρ., poetess

“There was another quality in everything we did, and this quality originated from the union within this hall. A truly conscientious unity was created among us.” L.Κ, poetess

“I felt the group, we were all together and there was something very spiritual in the way we celebrated New Year’s Eve. After my contact with Omilos, I notice that my poetry has begun to change; it is more profound, more conscious. Before that, I wrote poetry but in an unconscious way. I was trying to grasp the meaning of existence, the substance of things, but I was afraid to be conscious. What I’ve learned from Omilos is to write consciously and that differentiates my poetry; it has become more profound, conscious and expanded.” B. M., poetess

“I would like to express my gratitude to the group of Omilos that worked for all the things we experienced and enjoyed here, and for all the spiritual treasures we obtained” E.S.

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