“Every time you come I feel like I am connecting with the deeper, most meaningful part of myself” – London, 8-13 Nov 2017

“I am so grateful you come here and offer us so much; giving to us this great teaching selflessly”

“I had a very strong migraine but as the meditation proceeded it started to ease. Now, that the meditation is over, I realize that the pain is completely gone!”

“I am so glad I met you. When I am with you I feel as if I am home, with my family.”

Our schedule in London included our Self-study group, personal meetings with the members, spiritual healing and meditation groups and discussions at Women + Health.

The appointments for spiritual healing were full and yet, our answer to urgent cases that came up was: “of course we will perform spiritual healing to you!”. There were long-lasting discussions until late at night, until all questions are answered, until every person was satisfied with what they ask or wanted, until a different flow ran within them.

We met with old members of the Group, with new ones, recently joined, with people that come to meet us every time we are in London because – to use their own words – “You are always here. Whenever we might need you; to support us, to offer healing, to say a word that everything is going to be fine. And this gives us strength.”

And every single day the room was filled with people who joined the relaxation and meditation groups and also the discussion that followed. New faces, new people, one Group. An inner, strong pulse that spread throughout the whole group to awaken the knowledge that lies latent within us:

the human being has infinite potential and most importantly the potential to be well. Let us not confine ourselves, the others and Life but let us become the others, become Life.

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