Our theatrical play at The Smile of the Child, Kareas – 26/10/14

Omilos’ Recreation Group visited the community home “The Smile of the Child” in Kareas, Athens on Sunday 26 October 2014, to present its theatrical play to the children housed by the organisation.

As usual we arrived early to prepare the stage for the play, which was set to start at 17:00.

The children watched with curiosity as various members of the group got to work creating the background, cutting up boards, hanging props and so on.

Others were intensely occupied by the group’s own transformation from those who arranged the chairs and stage to those who became the King, Quiltmaker, Bear or Narrators.

Soon the initial hesitation of the children in their approach towards us gave way to full enthusiasm as they watched how simple cardboards were turned into an entire world with a palace, river, forest, little animals and the quilmaker’s little home with it’s smoking fireplace.

Just before the play some children start complaining. They wanted to play video games on the playstation sets in the games room. But that did not last more than a few minutes, as the characters of the play became alive. A little while longer the same kids turned to be our most enthusiastic viewers.

All the children participated with excitement; laughing and dancing; explaining to the King how the Quiltmaker was saved; yelling to the bear not to eat the Quiltmaker; and finally deciding the King should give away all of his treasures.

Little did we know a surprise awaited us as well. At the end of the play the foundation’s educators along with the children had prepared small gifts for us. And more importantly… our little friends wore our costumes, sang the play’s songs and wanted to gift us their own treasures; their toys!

We ended the day with lots of hugs with the children and thanked their educators for their hospitality and promised to meet again soon for… new adventures!

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