Chorodromena: in the flow of nature, of the universe, of our own Self

Humans always danced, dance and will carry on dancing, imitating, in reality, the eternal dance of the planets, of the seasons, of the molecules, of the whole creation that is expressed in a rhythmic and melodic way.

Every movement we make is dance; personal, group, planetary dance. What are the movements that are performed, however, when negative thoughts intrude in our mind? And what are the postures that our body takes, when our emotions are restrained?

The word chorodromena itself means to act via dance; always aiming to the broadening of the individual, the development of ideas, the expression of emotions, the unity with the world, the group’s concerted function and expression, the panhuman vision of the future, the unity of all beings, the respect towards the planet, the activation of all positive fields and dissolution of all negative, the therapy.

When performing chorodromena we make certain symbolic movements that place us in the flow of nature, of the universe, of our own Self; they place us in the harmonization of the opposites within us, the power, the broadness but also in the dissolution of inertia, of restrictions, fears and weaknesses.

Any movement made with the hands, the legs, the whole body is not randomly done. The slightest movement performed by those who take part in chorodromena leads them to counterbalance the energies within them and be attuned with the group. Then, the group acting as a unified whole expresses the integrated field of each of the chorodromena.

This is how the chorodromena are created, this is how they function. Simply and effortlessly!

Because things are exactly as we consider them to be!

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