Our group “Theatrical play for children” is completed

In this group – that was full of mermaids, dolphins, magicians and star-knights – we welcomed all children who wanted to participate.

The children “performed” to be happy, sad, excited, stubborn and also surprised. They moved really fast, like little birds and then very slow, like giant elephants. They transformed themselves from creatures living in the depths of the sea to the funny inhabitants of the Azure Planet that scratch their nose all the time.

Following the instructions of the sparkling map, our little friends crossed narrow alleys, rivers, rainbows, volcanoes and clouds. They solved the good fairy’s riddles and discovered the hidden treasure: they worked as a team and learned to express themselves freely through all the above mentioned aspects.

We all together played, laughed, sung and even relaxed.

And, eventually, we said our goodbyes and wishes for a happy summer and even more theatrical games!

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