The Recreation Group of Omilos begins the theatrical performances at institutions for children

Following the first performance of our new theatrical play, based on the tale “The Quiltmaker’s Gift” by Jeff Brumbeau, that took place in Omilos’ premises, we begin our performances in hospitals, institutions and any kind of place sheltering children.

Our quiltmaker with her colourful quilts will chat with the kids, the King awaits to give away his treasures, king’s loyal soldiers will spread laughter with their blunders and the bear along with the sparrow will dance in the bear’s hip hop rhythm.

Our group with great joy and lots of love – as it does since 1981 when first began staging performances in institutions for children – is visiting:

  • in 14 June at 11:00, the community home of “The smile of the child” in Melissia, Athens

  • in 21 June at 18:00, the Aglaia Kyriakou children’s hospital

  • in 22 June at 11:00, the Institution for the Child’s protection “The Mother”

and we are in contact with many other places and institutions to visit and play for the children.

With threads and cloths, horses, music melodies and a flock of sparrows, we begin our journey…

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