“Are we participants and co-creators of our world? Taking a glance into the new theories of Physics”

Physics is the science which focuses on gaining understanding of the creation and function of our surrounding world. Its development during the centuries has provided answers to a lot of man’s questions but has also introduced new inquiries.

Physics has always been and continues to be an originator of philosophical thought. There are contemporary theories in particular that have encouraged new areas of philosophical research.

The night of October 21st 2013, we gathered at Omilos premises to explore the development of Physics, and focused on the relativity theories and Quantum Physics in particular. We were introduced to the “Double-Slit” experiment and discussed the important question related “to what extent is an observer influencing an experiment”, hence looking at how human observation affects life and the world around us. It was a vivid and interesting evening, triggering further reflections for all that attended!

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