Our Literary Workshop

We wouldn’t be able to talk about practical philosophy and actualisation without this including the word as the foremost act of expressing our thoughts. Hence, we created our Literary Workshop, not only to study and learn from the works of great writers and poets, but also so that we ourselves can learn to participate in this highest form of art.

And if you are thinking “what have I to do with poetry?” and “how is literature going to help with my everyday issues?”, or that “I can’t write”, at Omilos we believe that what makes someone write is their love for writing, and therefore everyone, if they want to of course, have the capability to participate.

All these years, our Literary Workshop has had the honour of presenting the work of well-respected contemporary writers and poets in Greece and abroad, promoting Greek culture and, through the analyses, discussions and exchanging of views, giving prominence to the essence that will help us in our everyday lives.

Through its activities, the Literary Workshop gave the incentive to its members to write their own literary and poetic works, which adorn our Publications and have received commendations and awards by the Greek and international literary world, thus sharing with everyone this magical current that activated and inspired them. 

Our vision is to create a common space for all that wish to delve in to the essence of poetry and literature through readings, analyses, presentations, but also through writing itself, and so discover their hidden wisdom.

A place of meeting, of dialectics, and the wrestling and synthesis of ideas, so that we may eventually reach the deeper truth of things and the joy of creation.

We are expecting you!


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