Omilos’ new group in London has begun!

During the day conference we organized in London last October, many people asked us to form a regular Omilos’ group there so they, too, would be able to receive the teaching of Omilos more systemically.

After continuous communication with them, the first meeting of the group – a group of eight people so far – took place on 5-7 April 2013 where we were welcomed with warm hearts.

During this meeting the first lessons of self-awareness, relaxation and meditation were given with active participation from everyone.

The members of our new group shared their thoughts, raised questions and expressed their impressions of the group. Most importantly, everyone expressed a newfound experience of calmness, joy and a sense of positive change in their mood and body.

There was such a vivid flow of conversations and other activities that there were no signs of tiredness (considering the meeting lasted over six hours on the first day with a small break). Personal meetings also took place with the group members as everyone had private matters to discuss, whilst spiritual healing was performed to those who asked for it.

There was so much joy from our meeting that no one wanted to leave at the end that we went for lunch together and carried on discussing the work and activities of Omilos.

On returning to Greece we spoke to all the members by phone and we were happy to hear everyone talk about the immediate results they were witnessing in their life since they started to apply everything they were taught in the group.

We are already planning our next meeting in London in a month from now, but until then we are staying in touch with the group – as they all asked – via phone, email, Skype as a whole and individually.

We wish our new group a good beginning!

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