• “Omilos Eksipiretiton… A place of Light and Love!

So was my feeling when I first entered their building in Athens on that day before the seminar. I was not only amazed by the energy of that environment but also felt at home. A strange feeling of connection and relief reassured me that I landed in the right place without even knowing them. I could not explain it to myself as this was my first visit in Athens/Greece and this amazement lasted for the following five days I spent with the society’s members at the seminar.

I am not going to write about the marvellous food and seaside at Korfos but the miracles that I experienced as a psychotherapist just by being with the members of the Omilos. It was the excellent use of their energies/forces in themselves and around them. The program of the seminar was equally spread between the realms of mind-emotions-body and spirituality. It was about gaining the skill, knowledge and experience to balance one’s energies on a daily basis through using meditation, relaxation, acting – via dance and role play – to explore internal /external issues. All the different activities gave me an understanding of seeing and becoming aware of different spaces of healings aside from psychotherapy. I felt overwhelmed from time to time by the program as it was really packed, from analyses of poems and films to visits to historical places. When I think back to why I felt overwhelmed during the seminar, although there was plenty of free time during the day, I can see in fact how I was jam packed with thoughts/feelings that overwhelmed me at that time. The challenge of the seminar and afterwards was for me to gain the ability not-to-think –but to experience – to be.

Aside from this I had my personal experience of spiritual healing after I broke my ring finger when I was playing beach volleyball. First of all, I was terrified in this little holiday village that I would not be able to find someone who could treat my broken finger for the next three days. After I mentioned my pain to one of the members of the society she asked me if I would be interested in spiritual healing. In my head I did not believe and felt sceptically towards the ability of the healing being able to provide any relief from the pain. However, I wanted to go for it. I then received two healing sessions with Mrs Klairi of 10 minutes for two days. I could not believe my eyes – two days later my finger had completely healed. I was so puzzled by this experience that there was no explanation for it within my knowledge and skills as a psychotherapist.

I have worked as a psychotherapist for many years with clients of diverse issues and backgrounds in London. I have always had a holistic approach when working with clients considering their needs on many levels and areas. However, my experience at Omilos taught me another dimension and approach of wholeness and oneness that, I believe, is vital for physical, mental and spiritual health.

Finally, I would like to mention that I have already started using some relaxation techniques on my clients in psychotherapy sessions. I also agree with Omilos’ philosophy of what makes people mentally/physically ill.

I will not talk about their philosophy as it can not be talked about but only experienced or learned by being with Omilos’ members and receiving their light and love!

Many thanks to all members of Omilos who taught me this wonderful and simple way of being that is extremely powerful and healing in itself.”

Dr. S., psychologist-psychotherapist, for her participation in our ninth seminar in Korfos, Korinthia

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