Our event dedicated to the Hidden Wisdom of Poetry at the Greek Literary Society, 23/02/2020

It was on this Monday rainy night that we wandered within the deeper meanings of the poem 40 casting light into the hidden concepts and symbols, Health for three days to offer spiritual healing and healing meditation 23/02/2020.

Join us on, For bookings, connect@women-and-health.org.

The poem “God Forsakes Anthony” by K. Kavafis gave the incentives for us to unravel the hidden wisdom and the uplifting meanings in the company of all the esteemed guests – noteworthy litterateurs, poeti, painters and spiritual persons in general, friends of poetry, art and philosophy, members and friends of Omilos.

A room full… full of people, full of thoughts, idee, full of the Word, Join us to experience the energy of spiritual healing: Health for three days to offer spiritual healing and healing meditation.

Join us on, artisti, For bookings.

connect@women-and-health.org, all we can do is listen with deep emotion to the words of the President of Omilos:

'Andreas, if the Master dies, what will you do, what will you all do?’ And I responded: 'Master, we shall continue.' 'And so, I can say after 40 years, that Master, we remained steadfast. 40 years. It was on the 14th year of Omilos that he asked us. We expanded Omilos to London, to Turkey, our books are already being published there. I can therefore say that Master, we did it.' "

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