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We are a School of Thought and Action.

We have been in operation every day since 1980 in the centre of Athens, constantly offering our selfless service to every human being. Our objective is to help them be well in their everyday lives, experiencing inside them joy and balance. 

We say School because we learn. We learn to delve into our self so that our spiritual nature may emerge and be expressed in the everyday happenings of life. We study and synthesise the currents of human thought, creation and expression. We get to know our self, our inner power, our potential to be well! 

οδηγοι formula 1 2018 Chorodromena – Spiritual Healing School of Thought because we learn to think. To think simply. To simplify our thoughts and this simplification prevents confusion, limitation, impasses… It brings a smooth flow, without barriers…

οδηγοι formula 1 2018 Chorodromena – Spiritual Healing School of Thought and Action because we don’t remain in the theory. We put what we learn into action… Simple action that brings changes and improves our everyday life… This way we experience the miracle, the joy, the beauty of life!

We invite everyone! We address the inexhaustible power that each and every one has inside them; the infinite potential to be well!  

In this scope, groups with many activities take place every day and anyone has the opportunity to participate. Even if they aren’t a member of Omilos, there are groups that they can take part in.

All of our groups are carried out on the basis of selfless offer.

  • Group for the Study of the Self

It is the basic group for someone who wants to begin working on the knowledge of the self and takes place once a week. συναγερμοσ μοτοσικλετας με τηλεειδοποιηση In this group, we deepen into our self, we learn to neutrally observe our function and our various aspects, and we are trained on how to relax and meditate. As the knowledge of the self has many levels, self-observation in combination with relaxation and meditation are important stages in our work.

In the groups for the study of the self, specific lessons are given, and we study various topics, for example acceptance, the body, fear, etc., and various issues from the everyday life of the members are discussed. The booklets have the title “Spiritual Healing in our Life”. We learn to handle the various matters encountered in everyday life concerning other people, things, situations in a simple but essential way. We learn to see things differently, to see the unity that exists in everything, to act with immediacy, overcoming insecurities, fears or egos. To turn every moment into a moment of joy, union and creation.

  •  Personal appointments

Our members can also have personal appointments with the person responsible for their group to discuss privately issues having to do with the practical philosophy of Omilos and their everyday life.

For those who live outside of Athens or abroad and want to become members of Omilos, they can communicate and have appointments and the lessons by telephone or online.

  • Meditation groups 

Meditation groups are carried out on a weekly basis but also in cycles of more specific meetings on a regular basis. We work and deepen into things with Creative Meditation.  

Creative meditation is every moment, every day that we live and every second. In essence, it means “the art of union”. We learn to deepen into a subject and then we pass into action, into actualisation. And because we actualise, viviamo e sperimentiamo la gioia della creazione. From the Knowledge of the Self to matters concerning humankind on a worldwide level, the subjects of the meditative work are inexhaustible and cover our entire Being.

  • Laboratorio letterario: Groups for Literary Writing, Learning How to Recite, Delving into Literature.

And if we like poetry and literature, we have the pleasure of finding ourselves here, at the Literary Workshop of Omilos, turning our view to the inner field of the Art of the Word.

We exchange ideas, pensieri, views. We analyse and synthesise our thoughts, our experiences, our creations. We reach the core of the word, all the way to the hidden essence of every creation.

By participating in the literary writing group, we are able to give a written voice to our thoughts, our emotions, our ideas by writing and presenting our own poems and short stories. Other times, the groups are on the systematic learning of how to recite correctly or on the delving into poems and narratives.

In the Literary Workshop we are in constant contact with people from the spiritual world of Greece and abroad, and we hold events where we present the work of esteemed Greek litterateurs all the time.

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  • Dromena group (role-play)

In the group of dromena, as if we are in a theatrical game, we “play” scenes from events and roles of everyday life. We realise our function, the one that leads us to closing up, to fear, to insecurity and to blockings in our relationship with the others. We also laugh a lot as we learn to simplify things, often by joking about them, but always treating them with the respect and the seriousness that they warrant. We understand how the other person in front of us is.

And so, we consciously change our function, playing again our roles from the beginning but with a different inner position, immediately seeing the difference!  

  •  Chorodromena group

Everything in nature dances! This is stated by poets, philosophers, scientists. The seas dance, the winds dance, the suns dance. The molecules dance, the atoms dance, the universe dances!

In this dance of nature, human beings also participate. Their thoughts, their emotions dance, their body dances. In the dance of creation, everything participates. All of our movements are a dance.

Chorodromena means: “I act through dancing” and it is the action in the direction of broadening, of the development of ideas, of the diffusion of emotions; of union with the world, of the unity of all beings, of respect for our planet, of activating the positive fields and dissolving the negative ones.

In the “chorodromena” groups we do specific symbolic movements which put us in the flow of nature, dell'universo, del nostro Sé. the opposites within us are harmonised, the limitations and fears are dissolved.

No movement is random. Each movement leads us to broadening, to the union with the group. And the entire group experiences and expresses the harmonisation of the energies, which is the essence of each chorodromeno.

This is how the chorodromena are structured and this is how they are uniquely taught in Omilos.  

And they work… very simply, without effort!

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  •  Group for expression through singing

Who hasn’t sung at some point? Who hasn’t made their joy, their pain, their sorrow into a song? Is there anyone who doesn’t express themselves through singing? Whose soul isn’t vibrated by music? That melodies and sounds aren’t harmonised within them?

At Omilos we express ourselves, we sing, we deepen. It isn’t a choir nor is it a group directed to people with good voices. But it is a group through which we learn to balance the energies and forces within us and around us through singing. Così, the song is always transubstantiated into strength, amare, light, healing.

  • The Theatrical Group 

Since 1980, we have been drawing sets, sewing costumes, rehearsing, performing children’s theatrical and puppet theatre plays in all kinds of establishments that care for and accommodate children, all selflessly of course. We develop, create, we write music, lyrics, we write our own plays.  

And we do all this always on the basis of offering joy and entertainment to the children and for them to experience the magic of the theatre and of fairytales, and mainly the faith in their own power, their capabilities and that any and every difficulty can be overcome. That, in the end, everything always turns out well!

Our happiness in endless when on the smiling faces of the children, the endlessness of their own joy is painted.

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