The speech of the president of Omilos at our event “Byzantine Music: an Ode to God and its Path through Time” at the Hellenic Center London

Our event on Byzantine music was held with great success at the Hellenic Center London on October 21st, 2022.

In his opening speech, the President of Omilos referred to “the potential of every human being to be well” and then gave the basic tone of our musical presentation.


You can read his speech here:

“I would like to welcome you all and to thank you for coming tonight at our event. (…) Let me introduce myself. I have the honor and the responsibility to be the President of Omilos Eksipiretiton (The Servers’ Society), which has existed in Greece for 42 years now. We work upon the human being, because we believe in the potential of every person to be well. The best way to realize this is to believe in and express spirituality within each person.

Greece has great roots; they begin from ancient times and reach up until today. If we think for a while what are the first sounds that a person in Greece hears when they are born, we will see that the first sounds are from the parents, the mother and the father and the second is from Byzantine music. From the priest, who gives the blessing to the child after forty days to go out into the society. Byzantine music, that is, church music, has been directly linked to the Greek people since ancient times

In a sense, the Greek see in themselves the priest as the continuance of the ancient wise man, with the beard and the tunic, the cassock.

These things pass into the consciousness of the people.(…)

Così, let’s delve deeper into Byzantine music, which has permeated all Greeks and I believe it is a timeless and universal music.”

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