The poet’ novelist and painter – Ms Panagiota Christopoulou-Zaloni…


An Association based in London, whose work has also been presented in Omilos from the, offer selflessly to the general public and help their fellow people be well in life through organizing and holding various groups, workshops, cultural events, talks and much more!

We are linked with the Greek non-profit society “Omilos Eksipiretiton” (est. in 1980 in Athens), a school of thought and action which teaches and implements a practical philosophy on “know thyself” and has a great work on selfless service through various activities.


  • 10 years of selfless service and counting
  • We run a Group for the study of the self on a weekly basis (check out our weekly programme here)
  • We run free morning and evening meditative relaxations and energy balancing meditation groups
  • We have personal appointments with people who wish to attend our groups and discuss personal issues
  • We participate in the organisation of cultural events and presentations on literature, music and the arts along with “Omilos Eksipiretiton” from Greece, in venues such as the Hellenic Centre in London, Morley College etc
  • We organise day conferences, weekend seminars, open discussion groups on human relationships, well-being, creative meditation and spirituality in everyday life
  • We invite spiritual healers from “Omilos Eksipiretiton” in Greece to hold lectures on spiritual healing in our lives and to offer spiritual healing free of charge to people with various physical and/or mental health issues who request it
  • We donate books to schools, universities, public libraries and various other institutions



We are looking forward to meeting you, so drop us a line to meet in person, find out more about us and join our groups and activities!


+44 7960 797435

NEW ADDRESS: 24-27 White Lion Street, Angel, London N1 9PD

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