Omilos Eksipiretiton

Who we are

We are a school. A school of thought and action where we have been working selflessly since 1980, studying and synthesizing all currents of human thought, creation and expression. Our aim is to find the essence of all these and apply it to everyday life in order to improve it. All our activities are carried out exclusively on the basis of selfless offer.

Why a “School of Thought”?

Because the way we think affects our whole life. It is the way we think about ourselves, about other people and our relationship with them, about daily happenings in general, that either makes things easier and brings an even flow to all situations or often blocks us creating difficulties, confusion, limitations or a sense of impasse.

Starting from the fact that “energy follows thought”, why shouldn’t we learn to think differently? We can see things from a different perspective and thus make our lives better and easier. We ourselves can create greater balance and happiness!


On the contrary! It is all about action. Semplice, tutti i giorni, essential action that brings immediate changes and improves the life of the contemporary human being on all levels. Through very practical and specific steps, we can know ourselves and experience the magic of life while being active participants in it!

Who can do that?

Everybody can, no exceptions! It is a practical philosophy that shows in the simplest way the path of how to be well in our life. It addresses all people irrespective of age, sex, educational or any other level.

Because we do not believe that some people have greater potential or capabilities while others do not. We believe in the greatness of every human being, in the immense power that exists within us, in our infinite potential to be well. We believe in the daily, constant miracle that is in our hand to create for us and the people around us!

How can we do this?

Very simply, αστεριξ και κλεοπατρα κομιξ Three days of spiritual healing sessions and healing meditation at Women! When we know ourselves, we deepen into our true inner power and we offer to the others selflessly.

Our groups and activities are the best way to achieve this

  • Groups for the study of the self

  • Personal appointments

  • Relaxation and meditation groups

  • Groups on dromena (role-play) and Chorodromena (movements that balance the energies and forces within us and around us)

  • Group on expression through singing

  • Open discussion groups aimed at improving everyday life and human relationships

  • Laboratorio letterario – A Group on Writing Literature

  • A Group for adolescents

  • Our Theatrical group

Where and when to find us

365 days a year/ 7 days a week!

We are always here for anyone who wishes to contact us!

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