Meditative Relaxation and Creative Meditation

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Body-emotions-thoughts. And a huge potential of energy flows through each one and from one to the other constantly. And we, in everyday life, are sometimes emotionally charged, other times we think with great intensity, or we wear out our body. In reality, relaxation is the balancing of this potential of energy within our body, emotions and thoughts. So, the body is revitalised, the emotions calm down, the mind clears.  

Whether it is done in the morning to begin any work or tasks we have to do, or during the day to be rejuvenated and to balance the tensions, or at night before we go to sleep to bring calmness inside us, relaxation is a simple method with immediate results so as to be rid of any tension and bring wellness. At the same time, it is the first and basic step to deepen into the Self with meditation.

In a School of Thought and Action such as Omilos, we could not but do creative meditation. But what does this mean?

Meditation is the Art of Union. Union with the infinite capabilities that exist within us, with the other people, with life itself. In its simpler, but equally as important version, we can examine any issue that is troubling us spherically and with clarity. Thus, since we can see all of its sides, at the same time we can see the solutions and answers we are looking for.

This opens up other paths for us, since it is eventually revealed that there are no impasses. As we move forward and deepen more and more with meditation, the revelation of the most essential knowledge comes: that we are much more than what we think of ourselves. We are freed from the shackles of “I can’t” and “it isn’t possible” and the power and infinite capability which already exist within us are revealed to us.  

But we are talking about creative meditation. This means action. Because what is the point of just realising something if you don’t act on it in everyday life? So, we ourselves create our lives by very simply putting into practice what we experience and realise during meditation. Isn’t it creation when you experience and transmit joy? Isn’t it creation to spread inside you and around you balance, inner freedom, the faith that any problem can be overcome?  

Αnd in the end… what else is meditation but the whole of life and what else is creative meditation but actualising and experiencing the joy of creation every second!

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