Groups that are open to all (for members and non-members of Omilos)

The practical philosophy of Omilos refers to all the levels of the human being and studies them in a spherical way. And exactly because it is directed to every human being, we hold groups that are open to all. Some of them take place on a regular weekly basis, others take place periodically in cycles of meetings.

  • Discussion group for the improvement of everyday life and human relationships.

In this group, anyone who wants to can come and participate. The subject is not pre-defined, but it arises each time from the participants themselves depending on what is troubling them. The objective is always the improvement of everyday life and human relationships through the eyes of the practical philosophy of Omilos.

  •  Meditative relaxation group/ balancing the body, emotions and thoughts  

In these modern times with the fast pace and stress making our life difficult, what could be better than a group where we learn how to relax?

We learn to relax our body, our emotions and our thoughts. To relieve ourselves from the tensions, so that calmness and wellness can settle inside us. The body becomes rested and revitalised, the emotions are balanced, the thoughts become peaceful. The anxiety subsides, the body is rejuvenated, we think more clearly.

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  • Presentations on the Arts, the Sciences and Philosophy

Ancient Greek Theatre, Economy, Music, Physics, Architecture, Astronomy, Painting, Psychology are just a few indicative subjects which are the subject matter of various presentations that we organise in order to broaden the mind, cultivate the senses and see the essence in everything.

Whether they are completed in one meeting or more, the Arts, Science and Philosophy are the order of the day, and the invitation is always open to everyone!

  •  Literary events

Our Literary Workshop regularly organises presentations of the works of contemporary Greek writers with they themselves present at our premises, as well as other literary events and presentations of our books, both at the premises of Omilos and at other distinguished entities such as the Greek Literary Society, the Literary Society “Parnassos”, etc.

These presentations and events are open to everyone.

  • Groups on anxiety and fear

We periodically hold groups on issues such as anxiety and fear, which are open to all.

The objective is the respond to the need that exists and support people who are under pressure from their everyday problems. We give practical ways with which we can overcome anxiety and fear. If these very often “choke” us, it is because we haven’t learnt how to activate our own power so as to be well.

In these groups, the issues of anxiety and fear are discussed, and simple and effective practices are given, with which we can see things positively, without becoming overwhelmed by anxiety or frozen by fear, thus changing our life substantially.


Contact us:

9 Sarantaporou Street, Patissia – P.C. 111 44 (σταθμός ΗΣΑΠ Αγ. Ελευθέριος)

Opening times:

11:00-14:00 (Monday-Friday) & 18:00-22:00 (Monday-Sunday)

Tel: +0030 210 2015194


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