Our trip to London from 6 à 10 Février 2020 was completed with great success!

Apart from the group for the study of the self in London, The head of Megas Seirios publications presented the topic of the evening, method for the analysis of poetry. Par ailleurs, followed by the analysis of poems by K, Kavafis and A.

Sikelianos, A presentation which everyone listened to with undiminished interest. , The subject matter provided an incentive for an intense conversation about the method of finding a deeper meaning, especially in relation to the specific analysis of the poems 3,5 Many spoke about the power of this method to elevate the concepts, A lot of inquiries and opinions were also expressed, the questions and the lively discussions kept us all together.

Because at Omilos, there is no programme when there is a need.

There is no tiredness, when there are people who want to know how to be well.

And there is always time, when the request of the people is to get to know their self.

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