Groups of offering to the society: Meditative relaxation group at a University abroad

松弛组, as always without any financial obligation, has also taken place at Cardiff University in England within the framework of the Advisory Service of the Students Support Centre.

The group was greatly accepted and students from all levels and subjects of study participated.



  • “......参加这个组已经帮我照顾我的身体, thoughts and feelings and learn to stay with the present moment’ – Helen S., 建筑系学生

  • “我觉得不太着急, I want to practise relaxation during exam period when am usually mostly stressed out’ – James R., 医学生

  • “加入这个组非常有帮助. 我学会了如何在一个简单的方式平息我的焦虑. All I need to do now is some practice so that it can become part of my daily routine’ – Rebecca S., 博士生


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