omilos Eksipiretiton

的精神中心OMILOS Eksipiretiton的 (服务器’ 社会) is a non-profit society, 成立于 1980 诗人和哲学家Dimitris Kakalidis的的.

omilos Eksipiretiton (服务器’ 社会) teaches Spiritual Healing.

Spiritual Healing is not a technique or something performed only in certain times of the day. It is a way of life through which we can develop proper human relationships and have a correct function in our daily living (个人, social, family, professional etc.). Through this way of life all restrictions and weak aspects of ourselves turn into broadness of consciousness and inner strength. We become healers of ourselves; a potential within all people.

It is a way of life that we learn simply, without dogmas. We accept all philosophical currents and work in order to put them in practice. We learn to deepen more and more into all the ways through which the Entity, the infinite inner strength of Man, expresses itself (and all these ways are spiritual healing), such as sciences, art and philosophies. We learn to become conscious of ourselves and to be well through self-observation and meditation.

In order to learn how the Entity is expressed in every moment of our life and how to participate actively and creatively in its expression, we have a lot of groups, some of which are self-study groups, creative meditation groups and chorodromena.

Omilos operates for 35 years through the principles of selfless service and total interest for everyone and everything, and renders a tremendous amount of community service.

An important part of our work is Omilos’ Spiritual Healing Section. This Section works unceasingly, ,每天, performing healings to everyone who requests it, and for all kinds of physical and psychological illnesses. Spiritual Healing is always offered free of charge. The healers ask absolutely nothing from the patients but to keep them updated about the course of their health.



    • 自学团体
    • 创意冥想和放松组
    • 冥想组行星问题
    • 随着角色扮演组 “chorodromena” (运动的力量和能量平衡内部和我们周围)
    • 人与人之间的关系和灵性上的开放性讨论小组
    • 诗, 文学和音乐分析组,以揭示其隐藏的智慧
    • 团体探索女性的本色, 家庭关系和家庭的作用,在整个社会的发展
    • 教育工作者’ 关于这一主题的教育家的工作组和他或她与学生关系的正常发展
    • 儿童组 (自我表现, 创意活动, 游戏, 音乐, 歌唱, 放松和自我观察的基本概念)
    • 观看和分析电影的精神内涵
    • 希腊作家和诗人的作品的文学事件和演示文稿
    • 在我们的生活中的精神治疗研讨会
    • 国外参加科学会议上提出的理念和工作学会
    • 哲学与诗歌出版社出版书籍 “梅加斯伊阿Seirios”
    • 居住在雅典以外的成员的距离课程
    • 组开放给非会员协会的总部


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