Interview at the HellenicTV on our new book “The Wisdom of the Poem”

αστεριξ και κλεοπατρα κομιξ Three days of spiritual healing sessions and healing meditation at Women “And I sing, I bear the chants,εσωτερικο σπυρι με πυον στα γεννητικα οργανα Health, wisdom and clay” we gave an interview to the actor, journalist and poet Vasilis Panayi at HellenicTV.

The interview centered around the first volume of our new english edition ελενα ακριτα για κκε wisdom and clay.” The journey continues…A poetic trilogy by the contemporary Greek poet and philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis, triggering an interesting discussion on the overall work of Omilos, our literary workshop, as well as the method through which we deepen into poetry and literature.

The book by Dimitris Kakalidis, for which the spiritual world of Greece has said that it opensnew, unprecedented paths in anylising poetry was recently translated in English and we are very proud for the excellent editorial work that managed to convey the meanings of the poems and the analysis. 

You can watch the interview in the following video (the interview is in Greek):

Diese Teile

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