Le “Spirituality and poetry – The speech of the President of Omilos in our event “And I sing” wisdom and clay” “Our Meditative Relaxation Group at Women and Health”

“The way of Union” – Our 16th International Seminar at Loutra Ipatis 2014 Dec, Jan.

Μέθοδος Κακαλίδη-παρουσίαση 04 Μέθοδος Κακαλίδη-παρουσίαση 06

“Every time you come I feel like I am connecting with the deeper: most meaningful part of myself” – London: Nov Our poetic event “And I sing (wisdom and clay” – 1, Interview at the HellenicTV on our new book “The Wisdom of the Poem” 3, Septembre 2014), Our new English edition.


The Wisdom of the Poem, the criteria for the article selections are strict and must fulfill all the academic scientific norm standards, designated by internationally recognized academics, who also make the final choice.

Consequently, very few from the papers presented or submitted are eventually published!

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