Our presentation of the exceptional artist Mr. Angelos Gontikas (18-05-2019)

“We work on the expression of the spirit in every human being, we believe in their potential and we work so that we can see this in action, to realize it.

I am often asked: “Haven’t you become tired after 35 anos?", because we are at Omilos every day, weekdays and weekends, holidays and summers. I then proceed to show them a painting, a book or I put on a song for them, and I say: “How can you become tired when you see these expressions, these manifestations of the human spirit? You can’t! You draw strength and courage from what every human being expresses, even more so if they are a spiritual creator, a poet, a painter, a musician…

At Omilos we see the flowers which blossom from the spirit of every creator, we gather them, we make them into a wreath, and we deliver them to Humanity”.

(From the greeting by the President of Omilos Eksipiretiton)

Poesia, Music, Painting, all in a harmonious Synthesis, praising Art. This, in a sentence, is what characterized our event, this is what we do at Omilos.

We study and deepen in all the expressions of the Spirit, we allow them to pass into us so that their essence may be revealed to us.

And not in theory, but in action. To apply it every moment, through every one of our activities, in all of life. We apprentice through the Art of Unification to realize the Art of Life. And in this way, without techniques, we help the others and we are well.

This is, after all, the aim of the presentations of the Greek litterateurs’ work, presentations that have been held for 10 years by our Literary Workshop:

To deepen into Art so that its hidden Wisdom may be revealed to us, to apprentice through the various symbols which with “one word, one note, one brushstroke bring redemption, the katharsis of the ancient tragedy”, as it was said by the Vice President of Omilos Eksipiretiton and Head of Megas Seirios Publications.

Into the literary, visual and musical work of Mr. A. Gontikas, with a broad gaze and a lot of love, deepened the speeches of the litterateurs Dimitris Karamvalis, Estado Koutsochera, Dimitris Nikoretzos and Spyros Zacharatos, while Vassiliki Ergazaki, member of our Literary Workshop and poetess, presented a spherical view of his work.

The pulsating recitations by the poetesses Ms Faidra Zampatha and Ms Martha Papadopoulou enlivened his word, and Ms Ioulia Siavraka, translator – member of our Literary Workshop, attired him with images by making a video of one of his poems.

The people attending our event, exceptional and distinguished People of Literature and Arts, of the academic and general cultural sector, and members and friends of Omilos, who filled the room of the event, participated in the best way with their ideas, their thoughts and impressions from the evening.

We thank them all from our hearts, as we thank all of you who, for so many years, have embraced and supported the work of Omilos Eksipiretiton.

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