“Logos o terceiro” Spirituality and poetry – The speech of the President of Omilos in our event “And I sing, Londres (11-10-2018)

“Spirituality and poetry – The speech of the President of Omilos in our event “And I sing. wisdom and clay”! Our Meditative Relaxation Group at Women and Health, and will of course be back for more.

Thank you for bringing to life through recital, personal experience and song Logos the Third.

“‘LOGOS THE THIRDis always healing for me. The presentation was excellent as always! So glad to be here!!”

Logos o terceiro. The final part of the trilogy, the culmination of the journey through the three poetic works “The Concealed Lotus of Manifestation”, “Fallen Paradise, Holy Matter” and “Logos the Third”.

At the same time, the beginning of a new journey towards even broader horizons! Because for us the importance lies in the transition, the abolishing of the horizons’ lines.

The room at the Hellenic Centre was filled with the Logos, and so were our hearts and our Beings. Its power, its pulse left no person unmoved. The reciting in Greek and English inspired the participants to stand in front of the microphone and also recite in turn. To want to become more actively a part of our group.

The personal experiences of members from our Literary Workshop group who had worked on this book highlighted the fact that poetry which deepens into the essence of things can become realization in everyday life. The music and the live song that were heard “brought great exaltation”, as many of the participants told us at the end of the evening.

The power of the Logos, the Word, became the will for even more expansion. Expansion of our collaborations, expansion of our group in London, for our next presentations and activities, and above all, the expansion within us.

We would like to thank all our friends in London who honored us once again with their presence and all together we joined the miraculous Flow of the Word and of Poetry!

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The speech of the President of Omilos at our event for the poetic work “Logos the Third” in London

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