• wisdom and clay”, Our Meditative Relaxation Group at Women and Health, “The way of Union” – Our 16th International Seminar at Loutra Ipatis, Dec. T.

“Every time you come I feel like I am connecting with the deeper,

most meaningful part of myself” – London,

Five months have already passed since I lost the beloved companion of my soul I. M. and have already orally expressed my deep and warm gratitude for all the valuable things you have offered to him and me since we fortunately met you.

The kindness
The nobility
The warmth
The love
The receptivity
The companion
The sensitiveness
The support
The mildness
The comfort
The sympathy
The availability
The warm response
The compassion
The faith
The hope
The tenderness

and so many other aspects of the soul’s beauty, with which you embraced I.’s adventure, Eu. himself and me,

cannot be put into words,

cannot be printed on paper.

They are indelibly written in my soul and memory all these years I have known you and they are a lot now, I can’t remember how many.

I feel deeply moved when I think how many, countless times you have shared with me my despair, you listened to me, Our Meditative Relaxation Group at Women and Health, “The way of Union” – Our 16th International Seminar at Loutra Ipatis, you opened horizons so that my soul could breath and perhaps I.’s soul, as well.

I cannot forget how many times, in despair, I asked you to help me by performing distant Spiritual Healing to I. who was in agitation and crisis and to me, because I didn’t know how to deal with the situation.

The reason why I haven’t expressed my gratitude in writing until now is because I was waiting for the time to be more calm and settled down, so as to be able to write on paper what my soul felt from your precious presence.

When I try to bring back time and the dramatic moments I. M. was experiencing with his illness, I cry from sadness, but also from emotion for the blessing of your humane support and help in such an essential, simple, modest and silent way.

Since I met you, you allowed me with your existence, receptiveness and philosophy to share with you very deep parts of my own existence and soul. I feel that, in our conversations and communication I have rested my deep agonies, my existential questions, my hopes, my emotions and everything that is precious to me. I also feel that you have surrounded me and everything that is mine, with an embrace filled with love and wisdom, faith and hope for progress.

Through you and panhuman philosophy of spiritual development, the eyes of my soul have opened, I think, so that I can be more aware of that which I. M. called “human adventure”.

You have given me a lot.
You have opened the horizons of the spirit and soul.

You have generously given me the blessing of your existence and support.

You have supported me in many ways so that I can stand today, when I.’s absence overwhelms me with deep sadness.

I think that I will never be able to express, the way you really deserve, my gratitude and thankfulness from the bottom of my heart. Perhaps only by offering, Dec, amor, kindness, receptivity to other people in need. E, of course, offering to you and Omilos what I can give so that I can contribute to the very important work you are doing.

May you all be well,

I love you all,”

M. T.

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