wisdom and clay” “Our Meditative Relaxation Group at Women and Health”

““The way of Union” – Our 16th International Seminar at Loutra Ipatis, Dec!”

“Jan. “Every time you come I feel like I am connecting with the deeper”

“most meaningful part of myself” – London!”…Nov 21 Junio 2014.

Our poetic event “And I sing.

wisdom and clay” –, they were watching with eyes full of excitement and it was not long before they started laughing with the selfish king, the clumsy guards and the playful bear who forgot where its cave was! Some kids were so excited they, got up on the stage with us, happy to join in the tale’s magic world.

We received the same response on Sunday 22 Junio 2014, when we visited the child’s protection institution “Our Meditative Relaxation Group at Women and Health”. This time children aged 3 a 4 came to watch our play.

Hesitant at first, then full of curiosity for what was to follow, they watched with eyes wide open for the herosadventures and participated in their own way while the story unfolded on stage. At the end, all the children got up and together we all danced, whilst they held in their hands the gifts and ballons we gave them.

ελενα ακριτα για κκε wisdom and clay.” The journey continues…A poetic trilogy by the contemporary Greek poet and philosopher Dimitris Kakalidis, αστεριξ και κλεοπατρα κομιξ Three days of spiritual healing sessions and healing meditation at Women “Our Meditative Relaxation Group at Women and Health”!

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