Selfless Service or… “we aren’t batteries”

So you are getting to know yourself more and more. You are learning to relax and you are beginning to meditate… and then nothing is the same. Because you see yourself, the others and life with new eyes. You see the essence of situations, events, people. You are full of energy and zest for action. And then you realise that in reality, all those things you thought differentiated you and divided you from the others only seemingly do so, and not in essence.  

So why not spread to others as well the calmness, the balance, the joy that you are experiencing so that these can become greater? Why not share something you learnt, something you experienced, something that helped you? Why not support someone in any way you can? And since you are already experiencing these and you know they are inside you, why expect and ask to be given them by others?

This is exactly what selfless service means: I give, I offer to the others without asking for anything in return. Because I have understood that I and the others are the same. I don’t need to separate things anymore. I am not fighting against myself and therefore I am not fighting against the others. 

And most of all… I know that I am not a battery with a limited amount of energy that will decrease if I give it. On the contrary, I am in constant union and flow with all of life, and therefore with its infinite power, rejuvenation and revitalization.

I give to everyone and everything without asking for anything, at any time, in any way. With a positive thought, a smile, a conversation, with material help if I can, by believing that everything will go well, by simply being happy and calm inside me. And the more I give, the more energy, strength, amor, balance arises in me. And I am well. It is that simple!  

This is the foundation stone of all the function and the work of Omilos.  

You can read more about the social activity of Omilos aquí. 

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